I’m a software developer that has spent his whole career in start-ups. I started out in phone technical support, moved to systems administration, and landed on a mix of systems administration and software development. In my last few roles I worked on the backend systems (OS, databases, and our software) and mobile apps. Most of my recent softdev experience is in backend JavaScript (node.js) and iOS Swift.

I dig technologies such as Kubernetes and Terraform, and basically infrastructure-as-code as a whole. I never got around to trying GitOps but I feel that’s where I would end up if I have the chance.

I’m currently experimenting with 3D printing on my Elegoo Neptune X and am tinkering with some game development using Unreal Engine.

I decided to start blogging again because I’m kind of tired of the overly commercialized web and want to (hope to) produce some useful, interesting, noncommercial content.

If you want to reach me for whatever reaason shoot me an email – my address is my initials followed by my domain name.